Anne Marie Chomat, MD PhD

Anne Marie Chomat, MD, PhD, MPH, started working in Guatemala in 2009, when her path brought her to collaborate with the Mam Maya women of San Juan Ostuncalco, Quetzaltenango, with whom she ultimately co-created Buena Semilla in 2014. Over a decade of collaborations and co-creations with Indigenous women and men of Guatemala have been a source of deep inspiration and transformation for her over the years. Anne Marie is a physician, Director of Buena Semilla, adjunct faculty at Tufts University School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Research Associate in Participatory Research at McGill University (PRAM), and Research Fellow at CIET International in Guatemala. Anne Marie is dedicated to strengthening local voices and supporting culturally-safe capacity development, empowerment, and self-determination among some of the world’s most marginalized populations.

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