Doctoral project: Nutrition education


Nutrition education using video-drama with young women in Ghana

Adolescent girls in the Upper Manya Krobo district (UMKD), Ghana lack access to nutrition education. A research project aimed to asses the influence of a participatory video education (PV) on the nutrition literacy of adolescent girls, 13-16 y of age. A school-based cluster randomized control pilot trial was conducted in 20 schools with over 350 girls in the district. Clusters were randomized to either participate in existing educational clubs or the PV intervention. In each PV school, adolescent girls planned, produced, acted and screened two short videos on prevalent nutritional issues. A mixed methods approach assessed the outcomes of interest: nutrition literacy and psychosocial indicators, and dietary habits. The Most Significant Change methodology was used to gather stories of change from participants, and to collaborate with local stakeholders in evaluating the influence of the intervention.

Status: Ongoing

Student: Mona Ghadirian

Degree: PhD McGill