Participatory modeling with ethnic groups


Participatory Modeling with Ethnic Groups on Contributing Factors to Implement an Intercultural Health Model in Colombia 

Despite extensive legislation developed over the last three decades, intercultural health models that incorporate the traditional medicine of Indigenous and Afro communities remain limited in Colombia. This project aims to investigate the factors that hinder or facilitate the process from the perspective of experienced Indigenous leaders. Following PRAM experience in other countries, the project will use fuzzy cognitive mapping (FCM, to represent participants’ knowledge of causal relationships between concepts. With these models, it is possible to identify theories about expected scenarios from interventions in specific concepts. The maps will facilitate discussion of future actions with stakeholders, and the results will contribute to Indigenous authorities planning actions for a greater interculturality in the Colombian health model.

Dates: 2022 to 2024

Funding: Centro de Estudios Médicos Interculturales. Fondo de Estudios Elsa María Cadena Moschner Total $30,000,000 (Colombian pesos) or $10,000 (Canadian dollar)