Safe childbirth and cultural security


Safe childbirth and cultural security through intercultural dialogue between traditional midwives and hospital health personnel: controlled trial (Mexico)

This is a joint initiative between the CIET at the Universidad Autónoma de Guerrero, Mexico; (PRAM) and the Center for Intercultural Medical Studies, from Colombia. Through a participatory research process, the project aims to evaluate the impact of interventions co-designed by traditional Indigenous midwives and hospital service personnel in four municipalities of Guerrero, Mexico, on the care of pregnancies and childbirth. This will be the third research cycle involving Indigenous traditional midwives in southeastern Mexico. In the first two cycles, it was documented that maternal health indicators improve when traditional midwives have support to transmit their knowledge to midwifery apprentices and that midwives must be well recognized by Western society.


  • CIET Mexico
  • McGill University
  • Center for Intercultural Medical Studies

Dates: Concluded

Funding: CONACyT